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. Urban Haiku and Senryu .


Alan Summers
London, England

mist haze-
a crow cleans its beak
on a rooftop aerial

bright breeze
a sighted person fingers
the statue's eyes

the boom of bass
in out of workmen's hammers
lesser celedines

two boys giggle
as he enters the bike shop ...
the onion seller

Old Curiosity Shop -
laquered dolls
out in the mid-day sun

traffic jam
a driver fingers the breeze
through the sunroof

down the sidewalk
an old vagrant
daisies in his mouth

smell of watermelon ...
the high sun factor face block
just purchased

sultry evening
liquid from the take out bag
runs near the victim

mirror tiles -
a mayfly's legs
in four corners

reedmace & bluebells...
a torn porn magazine
off the cemetery path

an attic window sill
a wasp curls
into its own dust

cricket song
the jogger crunches
between loose gravel

dandelion fluff
Batavia lettuce
the color of money

dusk at the golf club
part of a marker pole
a tawny frogmouth

cemetery entrance-
clean anti-pigeon spikes
on the courtyard cross

inter-city train journey -
a rattling window top
shuts itself

old concrete post
threaded with lichen
its new barbed wire

strange heat -
a week to my birthday
the red ferrari passes again

Waterloo sunset
the Thames disappears
from the Tube map

train judder
sunlight on every ripple
of the river

winter timetable-
the late train leaves behind
half a school trip

dark morning...
the sushi bar opens up
for the train station

field of stargazers
I'm the one who waves
at the Chinese satellite

powdered snow -
a crow's eyes above
the no parking sign

Oxford Street
the sweet chestnut vendor's
blackened fingers

curling up at dusk
the park bench sleeper
turns over a new page

ill all day . . .
a crime novel
in both rooms

down side streets -
seagulls turning the sky
in and out

Hokusai's wave
on her T-shirt:
she strokes my ankle

art cafe
the security guy hums
a James Bond theme

escape velocity
the moon pulls oceans
behind Apollo 11

snow blizzard...
indoors I'm reminded
of Charles Chaplin

coolness of spring rain
waiting with the bus queue
on newly cut hair

flash of yellow
a butterfly headbutts me
in my work break

vodka chilli cocktail
I become a corner
in the edge of a room

double security grills
a common woodpecker stops
the data input

early Spring - the clank
at the railway station
of its clocks seconds

piercing cold-
a balti restaurant doorway
lights up a black cat

the long white apron
of a barman -
the day menu unscrews

in the night train microcosm

park lunch break
office workers' jackets droop
from branches

train window
her reflection
turned away

hot janurary
sweat drips
from a scalpel


Alan Summers, Area 17
With Words


Urban Haiku and Senryu

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